Monday, September 13, 2010

Olives: A tree... A fruit... Its golden oil... And a lovely cuisine...

There is something about an olive tree that is so admirable and respectable, you can't help but love it, just purely love it. With its grayish-green little leaves, its bountiful olives, its wavy stem and branches, each olive tree is like a beautiful statue, a symbol of the Mediterranean history and nature. As we drive south along the Aegean Sea and the first olive trees start to appear on the side of the road, my heart just skips...

Olives are a very important ingredient in Mediterranean cuisine. Besides using them in appetizers and salads, I just cannot imagine a breakfast table in Turkey without olives, and a meal without olive oil.

There is nothing like olive oil to especially bring out the flavors in vegetables. I do not only mean combining olive oil and veggies in salads, there is a separate and very important section in Turkish and Greek cuisines for olive oil dishes (vegetables or beans cooked "in" olive oil). I would recommend to anyone who does not like certain vegetables to try to cook them that way. The "wonderful" combination of olive oil and vegetables may change your taste buds forever. That is why cooking in olive oil is a true tribute to vegetables, the "wonders" of the nature.

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